Good News! …Not Dead.

Just busy. I started this blog right before the busiest time of my semester, unbeknownst to me. Oh well. I’m hoping to get back to more writing by Christmas.

Random thought:

Steve Jobs dead at 56. Time magazine had a memorial cover and article ready to be delivered to newsstands two days later. Sometimes the American Media Machine really freaks me out.



People who go to work and/or school know that communicating with their loved ones can be like a game of tag. It’s no different with my boyfriend and I. That’s why when we finally get to talk during our particularly busy weeks, I’ve noticed that we prioritize certain subjects in our conversations:

My Priorities:

  1. How his day went
  2. Good apartment listings
  3. Work (better-paying jobs, promotions, raises, etc.)

His Priorities:

  1. How my day went
  2. timothydelaghetto
  3. For the love of god, charge the DS!!!

Ha. I still have not. So yes, we are guilty of Pokemon neglect.